Tyler and John - Lessons of the Suck

Some of you that have followed me from another site will recognize the faces that appear in front of the camera today. The first is John, who is a 100% straight guy with a big cock that has never sucked the dick before, and in the past refused to even try it. I decided to use my new site as an opportunity to train him and take him further down the path towards being truly 'gay' for pay and see if we could get him to open his mind. I had scheduled for 3 models to arrive, but the other 2 seemed to have chickened out. I wasn't quite sure who I could pair John up with in my pursuit to seduce him, but fortunately I had my 'Ace in the Hole' here to help assist; Tyler. For many of you, Tyler needs no introduction. But I'm assuming there are probably a few of you that don't know who Tyler is. Tyler has appeared in over 70 scenes for me, but this is his first video on Straight Rent Boys. Tyler also works for me as a Photographer and Office Assistant. This was the first time in months I've been able to get him back in front of the camera, however, and I really think it's because he liked the challenge of training this real straight guy on sucking his cock. After have a little bit of an argument with Tyler over how to film the scene, we finally decided to let John get naked and jack off. Tyler finally jumped in front of the camera and went to work on the cock. John is what you would call a true 'grower,' and once Tyler started training him on his amazing cock sucking skills (such as sucking it up like a vacuum), John's cock was suddenly HUGE! This is one straight guy that must really please the ladies, if they can even handle all that meat! Tyler continued giving him an amazing blow job and training him on his fine arts. But...will John return the favor?? Watch now and find out!
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