Gay Pornstar Zack Randall
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    April 1985

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    114 lbs

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    7" Uncut cock

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Zack Randall

I thought I'd find out a little information about porn star Zack Randall, did a quick search, and found loads. I mean, so much information! And much of it comes from the guy himself. His MySpace page, for example, runs on and on and tells us that he is a national chess champion, has been an honour student, a wrestler, a philosophy major (and with minors in history and music), and he's a semi-pro sax/clarinet player. He goes on further to tell us that he has taught chess, music, English, and math, modelled for Leslie Kee, done porn for COLT, Lucas, Hot House, and Black Scorpion (to name a few). He has been trained as a spiritual healer and practiced many modalities of massage (Swedish, deep tissue, sport, erotic, etc.) Add to that the fact he has been hired as a web developer/webmaster for a cafe, a magazine, and a trekking company in Nepal, and in his spare time he works as a freelance photographer, and you've got a guy who seems to have done it all, and by the age of, what? 27.

Phew! But there is another side to Zack of course, probably several actually. He is also spiritual, he enjoys keeping fit and working out, and thankfully he has also found some time for porn as well. A good place to start on your Zack adventure would be at his own site where you can get some background: He started in porn in 2007, shooting 100 scenes for various companies, he made his debuts with Buckshot, Black Scorpion and Lucas Entertainment; he was nominated for several awards including XBiz performer of the year (2008), along with eight GAYVN nominations. He's covered the front covers of well-known magazines, like Freshmen and Buckshot with his, then, boyish charms, and more recently can be found in a more alternative mode, with facial hair and a scraggy mop on top. (Suits him.) No wonder he took some time off after 2008 to live a while in Nepal.

This brown haired, brown eyed Seattle boy can be found in many a movie from many a studio, despite taking a porn beak after his initial explosion on the scene. He's not afraid of some fetish work, he's been seen in ‘straight porn' as a stripper (with girls sucking his seven inches) and is making something of a comeback at the moment. But, as we've come to expect with this top star, there is more to Zack than just making porn. I also learned that due to a childhood illness he has lost his hearing in his right ear, and some in his left, so he wears hearing aids all the time. That's not stopping him from carrying on right to the top, and I've a feeling he is going to be staying there for as long as he chooses to stay there.

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