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Spencer Williams

Spencer Williams is an Hispanic porn actor, partner of fellow porn star Mitch Vaughn, and a knock-out when it comes to making horny hardcore, even though he is something of a newbie. Like Mitch he is smooth and toned, he works out and is fit, to say the least. He keeps his pubes nicely trimmed, has a solid cut cock and a well-toned ass. Everything you could want in a jock porn model, and a little bit more: he is also a really nice guy.

He and Mitch had been together for 15 months when interviewed in December 2011 when Spencer also revealed that they were planning to marry, possibly in Vegas where Spencer lives. Spencer is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii and he was also hopefully that one day they could fly there and be married legally. His family is, he says, strongly Mormon and they don't know he is gay let alone that he is now starting to work as a porn model. That should be an interesting story to keep an eye on.

Meanwhile though, we found him in some pretty nifty porn with his, er, husband? There is a rather horny bareback scene between the two of them at Cocksure Men where Mitch plays top to Spencer's rather wonderful bottom and then cums all over it from underneath. I suggest you take a look for yourself, there is raw chemistry here as you would expect from a couple.

This scene, filmed by legend Jake Cruise, was also Spencer's first porn scene and though he plays bottom, he does also like to take the top role, on and off the camera I assume. Since making this first scene with Mitch he has confessed to also wanting to make more porn, while keeping up his day job, and in particular he would like to work with Jessie Colter and Jay Roberts, so more stories to keep an eye on there.

A really good way to get more info on Spencer and to get to know him is to follow his Twitter page. He posts, sorry, tweets, regularly there and through his page I discovered that he also goes in for personal training and works as an instructor. Checking him on Facebook you discover that he likes surfing, as you might expect, and volleyball, he's a bit of a Twilight fan, and if you check his photos (non porn) you'll find some great ones of him at home and personal with Mitch. I concluded that Spencer is one of those guys that you're going to love and yet feel slightly jealous of. He's got a great look, a fit body, he's young and handsome, snapped up by a butch man and a really nice guy to boot. He's got it all damn it!

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