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Sage Daniels is probably best known for his bareback work, though he doesn't limit himself exclusively to that area of porn. He's been working in the industry for several years now and has appeared in productions for many and varied studios and websites. You may have caught him at Bareback That Hole, or caught his debut for RawJOXXX in 'Breed my ass' back in 2007. You may also have found him being described as Latino, or Caucasian or Hispanic, top or bottom, he's a bit of an enigma, despite several interviews that are available on line.

What is clear though is that he was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on March 18th 1980; he has dark brown hair, stands around six feet tall, has some horny tattoos and has appeared in over 63 scenes between 2007 and 2011. Checking some of these I find him playing top and bottom and getting wet and messy in several creampie episodes as well.

Another neat thing about Sage is his body. Yes he's fit of course and he has those bad boy tattoos, but he's also slightly hairy around the chest area, making him perfect for scenes in, for example, Hairy Boyz, where the combination of muscle and toned body, fury chest and groin, legs and ass, work really well against and on top of blonde bottom Heath Anthony. Then you find him playing bottom in a scene for Breed Me Raw and realize just how versatile he is. If you look even deeper and try scenes from Club Inferno Dungeon, for example, you then see that he's not shy of a bit of dildo or fisting action. And so, all in all, you conclude that he is a versatile, professional all round star who is up for more or less anything.

But as well as being up, he is also down, down to earth that is. IN an interview with Edge Boston he talks about the risks associated with working in bareback movies. He agrees, they are there but also points out something of interest; he says that the companies he works for give him all the information about his partners that he needs, and vice versa I guess, and that he actually knows more about the health of his on-screen partners than he would if and when he meets a guy in the sauna or at a club. A good point well made. And that means we can all go and watch some totally hot bareback movies starring Sage knowing that all is well. The only trouble is, with so many scenes and movies under his rather hunky belt, where are we going to start?

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