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Kayden Saylor

It's kind of well-known now that heartthrob Kayden Saylor did a scene with 'bad boy' of porn Brent Corrigan, and that they received a Gayvn award nomination for their work. You may have already seen him appearing for Dirty Bird Pictures, with Bret, in 'The Porne Ultimatum' and then appearing in the follow up 'The Porne Identity.' He'd not been in the business long before he got to top not only Brent but Mason Wyler too, and that's pretty good going for any newbie to the scene. Not that he is a newbie anymore, but he was still finding his feet back then in 2008. He found them pretty fast, I have to say, taking the lead role of Chason Porne in the spoof, sexy, series of movies.

This guy has a great body, and a really cute, boyish look to him, but don't let that appearance fool you. He's pretty mean when a top, and he's hunky. He started out working for Active Duty, an amateur, military themed site from Dirty Bird Pictures, and that role of military top really suits him. I just did a quick count up of his movies and scenes and found at least 75 to grab. Check out the series 'Kayden's Recruits' from Active Duty for example, and you'll find him going at it full hammer and tongs with some of the best power-bottoms in the biz. And not only does he appear in these hot little scenes, but he also directs. That means he gets to choose who does what with whom. Not only is that important when you are looking for good chemistry, but you get scenes directed by someone who has been on the other side of the camera, and those are usually the hottest of porn scenes.

Is Kayden purely a top? No, I am pleased to say, for all those who want to see this hunky, smooth, big-dicked boy next door take it, that he has made several bottom scenes; back in 2008, for example, where he made his first in a movie called 'the Surge 2', again for Active Duty. And since then he's appeared in loads of 'flip-flop' scenes playing versatile roles alongside (and underneath, or on top of) the likes of 'Cash', 'Glen' (a Sean Cody model using a different name), and Brock Penn.

So, what's Kayden up to these days? Well, I'm not totally sure. I checked out his blog but that seems to have come to a halt last year, so it was hard to find much background about him, though he does have a Facebook page which suggests he is still going strong and still on duty working for Active Duty.

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