Gay Pornstar Jessy Karson
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    140 lbs

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    9" Uncut cock

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Jessy Karson

You may have seen Jessy Karson in a video for Lucas Entertainment, or on, perhaps even in the movie 'Hard at Work', but the chances are, if you have seen him you will remember him. You'll certainly remember his cock, all nine inches, uncut meat of it with a pair of the heaviest nuts hanging low beneath that you could ever wish to rest upon your chin.

Jessy works out of Montreal, Canada, and New York, he's in his early 20's, he is a versatile top, which means he prefers to be on top but if the contract states bottom and he agrees then he will do that too. And he is also a self-sucker, one of those rare breeds who can give himself his own BJ without too much trouble. He's got a nice set of tattoos, on his arms and chest, a good, strong physique and a sensible approach when it comes to work. It was difficult to find out a great deal about this horny top, but I did discover that he has written advice for getting into the porn business.

He started when he was 18 and his first piece of advice is to think about it before you do it, which seems pretty logical. What he means is that often the other guys are sexy, but even if you don't find your partner a turn on, you still have to get it up, get it in and get it off (my words). He also advises thinking on the fact that this work is always going to be a part of your past. So if you have hopes of running for president one day, then making a bareback scene for a couple of hundred bucks isn't the way to go. And on that note, he advises to always know the status of the guys you're fucking with. Good advice all round.

And, while you are waiting for your next movie contract you can, like Jessy, work as an escort. He's got his own profile on Hourboy where he gives us his likes and dislikes. He won't get fisted but he will manage more or less anything else. He's got a smoker fetish going on and loves leather. With his green eyes, brown hair, smooth body and that monster, fat nine-incher, he's sure to be a favorite both on and off screen.

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