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You're looking at a guy here who I cannot fit into a category. Is he a twink? Is he a jock? Is he a boy next door? No, he's Jake Steel and he would probably hate to be categorised anyway. He's versatile; he can take it and he can also give it with his 7" cut cock. He's over six feet tall, and he is cute, in the classic sense of the word. He would easily fall in love with any Bel Ami guy, he wants to meet his porn heroes from the 1890's and he only stared working in the industry to help pay the bills. He sounds, from checking out various interviews and sites, like a really down to earth, natural and fun guy to be around. So what has he done, who is he?

As far as I can see from my fun trawl around the net, Jake has done exclusive work with College Dudes, Next Door Buddies and Lucan Entertainment, among others. He started off at 18 as your typical twink but has matured into a solid and well-rounded porn performer. I can also tell you that he was a bit of a farm boy, growing up on the family farm in Maryland before moving on to art college and bar work (where, he says, he was discovered).

Checking some of Jake's movies, I found him in interracial scenes being very versatile, as he says he is, playing top and bottom. Also in a College Dudes scene for example, where he's found riding the manly dick of Carter Nash; in a Circle Jerk Boys movie with the rather spunky Dante Escobar where he not only shows off his suck-ability but also takes it like a man in a movie with real chemistry. Apart from the fact that he has his head shaved for this one, you want to stay and watch more as he performs so naturally. Actually the word 'perform' isn't quite right as these don't come across as rehearsed, or staged, or forced; it's all just good old sex with a camera running. Also nice to see him with a close crop at 'My Husband is Gay' where his height and masculinity serve him well as the husband who humps men and women.

Jake has also appeared in something almost mainstream, a 'mockumetary' titled Go Go Crazy, about exotic dancers aiming for a prize. (Facebook link to its page below.) And he is also a guy who is not afraid to try anything, or so he says. He would love to make a scene with gay twins, he says, and there is nothing he wouldn't do on camera, as long as the price was right. Jake Steel sounds like a guy with his feet firmly on the ground. Except for when they are around his ears of course.

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