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Cliff Jensen

I'm looking forward to this year to see what porn star Cliff Jensen gets up to next. He's something of a unique character and the fact that he is a character makes him even more alluring. He's straight. Oh what, no! Yes, apparently so, and he only plays tops. How can a gay porn star be straight you may ask. Well, it's a job isn't and there are also gay guys who do straight porn. But there's more to Cliff than his sexuality. He's also a guy who has had a run in with the law, and one suspects there is some conflict in his life. (If you look into the case you could start to read all kinds of things into why he behaved as he did.) But we can overlook all that when we see his perfect, studly, jock-boy body and his delicious eight-point-five dick. Oh, we are so fickle.

Cliff was in everything in 2010 and 2011 it seems; working for Lucas and Falcon, top names in the industry, and others: Next Door snapped him up for their sites, he appeared in solos there and action scenes. He's appeared on AlternaDudes, due to his tattoos no doubt as that's a site that only features alternative looking men and Cliff definitely has a look of 'boy next door' about him. And, at Str8 to Gay he's recently teamed up with top-twink star of the moment Tyler Sweet. For me this is a classic scene by Cliff; he gets to play straight, which is fine by me, Tyler is the perfect younger guy, clearly gay, and there is a neat set up. Cliff gets to act for a brief moment with some dialogue and that works too, and then he gets to ram Tyler's sweet mouth and ass, through a glory hole, and on the floor, and the chemistry is perfect. They released this video in January this 2012, so Cliff is still out there going hard and strong.

But that's just one example of his work. In, for example, Circle Jerk Boys with Logan Drake, he sucks cock and plays around a bit more, playing gay as it were, though he still manages to end up on top. You might want to follow his first time rimming and cum-easting experience over at Lucas Entertainment and their movie 'Heat Wave 2', where he appears alongside Troy Daniels. Lots of bulging muscle and tight Speedos from the pair of them there. Mind you, you can probably look at any decent website and find a Cliff movie; he still seems to be at the top of many top lists.

Maybe that's due to his good looks, his cocky and boyish behavior, his firm body, his green eyes and tall stature. Perhaps it is the chemistry he exudes in scene or perhaps it's just got something to do with the juicy, fat cock he sports. Maybe there is a certain amount of that straightness that we love in a man? Who can tell, but what you can be sure of is that as long as this bad boy of porn behaves himself, we should be seeing a lot more of his perfect performances in the future.

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