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  • Posted on 04/02/2012 by lustypuppy in Uniform
    Adam Killian And Spencer Reed Fuck

    As the COLT Men arrive on set for the shooting of an upcoming COLT Uniform Calendar, the COLT production crew takes some time to talk with the shirtless and well-muscled Adam Killian. As Spencer Reed can be seen behind him posing for his photo-shoot, Adam shares about some of his earliest uniform fantasies as well as some new fantasies that come to mind as he watches Spencer’s hot and steamy photo-shoot. Cut to a close-up of Adam standing at attention in his finest Marine Dress Blues. A white gloved hand belonging to Spencer Reed reaches in and slowly unbuttons each shiny brass button of Adam’s jacket. With intense eye contact Spencer leans in for a hot man-on-man lip-lock. Reaching in those bulging dress pants and grabbing a handful of Adam’s thick and meaty cock, Spencer goes down on his knees for some attentive call to duty. Taking turns, both men give each other’s cocks a thorough polishing before Adam bends Spencer over a nearby foot-locker. Lubing up Spencer’s hot man-hole Adam get that ass ready and willing before he takes his throbbing hard cock and gives it to Spencer good. Half undressed and half still in uniform, Spencer takes his big cock inch by inch while loving every minute of it. Before long Adam asks “you want some of my ass?” to which Spencer exclaims “Fuck Yeah!”. Switching positions the fuck-fest continues as each man takes his turn giving up his hot butt for the other. After a few flips their cocks are fully loaded and ready to blow. Spencer is taking it hard and on his back as he strokes his cock in hand. Spencer lets it fly, gushing white cum as Adam drills his ass. Adam doesn’t let up one bit. Fucking that hot muscled booty until the last second, Adam pulls out and strokes out a thick load giving Spencer a thick coating of his hot steamy cum. Wanting to taste that sweet dick juice Spencer gathers up every drop and licks his fingers clean.

    Watch Adam Killian And Spencer Reed Fuck In COLT Studio’s Uniform Men

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  • Posted on 06/08/2009 by Bob in Fetish, Masturbation, Twink, Uniform


    He comes out of the job wearing his hard hat and holding his lunch pail and on the way home he’s thinking all about the special treat that awaits him. He works hard every day putting up a new house but nothing arouses him more than putting on his naughty women’s lingerie and playing with his cock. His outfit is super cute and if you’ve ever been interested in a crossdresser he will ignite your passions.

    He rolls a pair of black stockings up his legs, puts on a pair of black satin gloves, a blonde wig, a sexy white ruffled choker and a French maid’s uniform and then sits on the couch and starts beating his meat. He loves how feminine he feels in the outfit and how much of a sissy he is. He loves how hard his dick gets and he dreams of someone fucking him in the outfit. That’s what makes him cum so hard.

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  • Posted on 09/24/2008 by lustypuppy in Blowjob, Twink, Uniform

    When this Urban Cowboy spotted Derrick at the bar, it was only a matter of time before he had him lassoed and brought back home for some hardcore gay sex. The two enjoyed some drinks and before the Urban Cowboy could even ask him home, Derrick was begging for the rough and ready twink to drive him back to his place.

    After stripping Derrick out of his clothes he sits back and allows Derrick to slip down his blue jeans and remove his cowboy boots to give his hard prick a good sucking. After Derrick just about brings him to climax, the cowboy throws the sexy twink back on to the bed and finds his stiff prick, giving him a wet blowjob before rolling him over and giving his tight ass a riding only a cowboy and provide.

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  • Posted on 07/21/2008 by lustypuppy in Amateur, Asian, Big Cock, Twink, Uniform

    This Asian twink, Troy, started this BF Collection gay porn shoot wearing a black ensemble that you see athletes wear on the track or swimming events. It looked hot on him coz it hugged every part of his body that it covered, easily outlining the curves and muscles on his body, especially his cock.

    But we all knew that it (the black uniform) was just for show coz he eventually got out of that outfit and was posing wearing only his jockstrap. You all know how good men look like wearing jockstraps, right? Well, Troy wasn’t an exemption coz he looked goddamn fine in that white cock and balls support. He was kind enough to let his dick peek at the side, so that we get a preview of what to expect when we head over to BF Collection and view his full gay porn gallery.

    Click on the picture if you want to see this hot Asian twink strip and show off his huge dick.

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  • Posted on 06/22/2008 by lustypuppy in Amateur, Twink, Uniform

    Yes, yes, yes. We know that you look good in a soccer uniform, Alex, and that you’ve got a nice ass! But what we’d like to know is if you’ve got a big cock! Obviously, his ass is the highlight of this picture, but in fairness, you really have to give his ass two thumbs’ up for looking so smooth and round.

    Even with his full soccer uniform on, you’ll already notice that this blond twink has got a very nice and sexy butt. It’s just so round and firm that you’d want to bite on those two ass cheeks and lick every inch of that booty. But if you thought this picture made his ass looked hot, then wait until you see him pull down his shorts! I swear he made me so fucking horny as he posed wearing only his jock strap! Oh, and just so you know, Alex’ does have a pretty big dick. 😉

    Click on the picture coz Alex is waiting for you inside this naughty gay porn site called BF Collection.

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  • Posted on 04/24/2008 by lustypuppy in Amateur, Twink, Uniform


    Man, Keirin really looked good wearing a soccer uniform! He had that David Beckham thing going for him: handsome, sexy and knows how to play with a futbol. But this wouldn’t be much of a twink porn blog if we didn’t show some skin, right? So, Keirin gamely pulled down his shorts and showed us his nice, round ass.

    Oh what big round ass it was! I swear I could rest my pretty face on that bare ass, even after it’s all sweaty and smelly after a day of playing soccer. Mmmm…sweaty ass and balls of a twink…one of my kinky fetishes (aside from sniffing a hard cock inside white cotton briefs). I can just imagine myself licking his salty balls and ass before fucking this twink hard while he’s looking at the mirror. 😉

    Click on the picture if you fancy a twink futbol player baring his round butt for BF Collection.

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  • Posted on 12/06/2007 by lustypuppy in Amateur, Twink, Uniform


    Now, wouldn’t you want to see David Beckham pose like this twink, Jordan, in his soccer uniform? I swear, Beckham’s ass makes me want to rim and fuck it hard. But hell, Jordan here would suffice coz he looks hot in that soccer uniform as he pulls his shorts down and gives us a nice view of his smooth ass.

    I can just see Jordan all sweaty after a game of futbol and he’s walking towards me as I throw him his water bottle and then I dry him off with my towel. His musky, sweaty aroma making me feel hot and horny that I’d lick his sweat off his neck before I kiss him and slip my tongue inside his mouth. I won’t let him take a shower at all coz I’d love to fuck him all sweaty and smelling like a man. Ohhhhh!!!!

    Click on the picture and watch Jordan removing his soccer uniform and playing with his balls (hint: it’s not gonna be his soccer balls he plays with). 😉

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  • Posted on 11/01/2007 by lustypuppy in Amateur, Asian, Twink, Uniform


    OK, so this soccer uniform isn’t actually the best or spookiest Halloween costume this twink, Tyler, has ever worn; but man, don’t you think that his peeking butt crack more than makes up for it? No doubt, his ass is mostly kept hidden from prying eyes like ours, so, it’s really a quite a treat when Tyler does gives us a glimpse of his hot behind.

    But let’s not forget that aside from his nice ass, this Asian twink’s got other things under that futbol uniform that would make you want to kiss him and make sweet love to him right away. Yes, I’m talking about his well-toned body and his nice twink cock. Personally, I’m ok with his ass alone, but since he’s ready to show us everything, then I’m not complaining one bit.

    Click on the picture if you want to see Tyler and the rest of his twink friends in uniforms or just posing completely naked for Lusty Puppy.

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  • Posted on 10/29/2007 by lustypuppy in Amateur, Twink, Uniform


    I just love looking at gorgeous twinks in uniform. While, I prefer “real” uniforms like Police, Air Force, Navy, etc. on my twinks, I still have a place in my heart for those sporty twinks in sports uniforms. That’s why I picked Glenn’s picture here, where he’s wearing a Detroit Pistons uniform…and showing some of his pubes while he’s at it.

    I was just imagining Glenn after a long game of basketball, walking towards me, sweat dripping down his entire body and then he suddenly removes his top and I throw him a towel. He throws the towel back at me and tells me to wipe his body for him. But instead of the towel going all over his body, it’s my tongue I use and he just pulls his head back and enjoys my flicking tongue going from his neck all the way to his sweaty and musky cock.

    Click on the picture if you want to see Glenn remove his uniform and get naked as he shows you that a basketball isn’t the only “ball” he loves holding on to.

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  • Posted on 10/14/2007 by lustypuppy in Amateur, Hunk, Uniform


    How hot is this picture, huh? We’ve got this gorgeous stud, Peter, wearing a very naughty swimming trunks (geez, I love the design with the cock drawing in front!) plus goggles and looking every bit ready to compete in the Olympics. Well, one thing’s for sure, he already has the gold medal in my fucked up, cock-teasing Olympic.

    Watching Peter slowly remove that tight blue jeans he was wearing and then slip on this hot swimming trunks got me so hot that I wanted to dive-in a pool and cool myself off. He’s just so fucking hot and so delicious that I want ot rip off what he’s wearing and gag myself with his huge cock…and I’ll do it underwater for added kink. 😉

    Click on the picture and watch Peter put on his cock-designed swimwear and then show you his real dick afterwards.

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