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  • Posted on 03/06/2012 by lustypuppy in Big Cock, Hardcore, Hunk, Muscle, Other, Outdoor

    Check out the first behind-the-scenes video footage of The Last Day from Lucas Entertainment.In this movie from Lucas Entertainment we find Exclusive Jonathan Agassi in a video where he fights, fucks, loves and lives like there’s no tomorrow as time runs out on the world’s final day.

    You will love the watching as the cast takes over Ibiza and plays hard to survive the grueling film shoot full of with cliff jumping, jellyfish swimming, gun fights, slaps, spits, punches, fishing gaffs and much more.

    Writer and co-director Marc MacNamara said that it was all insanity when they filmed esp when Agassi learned to drive a motorcycle for the first time on a mountain. He went on to say that everyone was holding their breath until the final cut on that one!

    This latest Lucas Entertainment movie was cast with fearless men. The Last Day was shot on an island in the most dangerous places. It all works out because the results are amazing!

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  • Posted on 03/02/2012 by lustypuppy in Big Cock, Blowjob, Cumshot, Hardcore, Outdoor, Twink

    Bustin Beeber: Never Say Never

    The guys at BoyCrush Studios and AEBN are about to launch a new gay porn parody called “Bustin Beeber: Never Say Never.”

    The parody includes exclusive star Kyler Moss as the main character and new exclusive model Scott Alexander. You will also enjoy the roles of Patrick Kennedy, Preston Andrews, and Connor Bradley.  The DVD also includes musical numbers that will have your cock jumping to a happy beat.

    Bustin Beeber Gay Porn Parody

    Along with AEBN, Marc Winters also had a hand in the creation of this new gay porn parody. Marc really enjoyed working with BoyCrush and AEBN on the DVD project. He loved thinking about the characters as he wrote the script.

    You can grab the DVD through pre-sale purchases at the store and you can see the film through the online theater from

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  • Posted on 12/31/2011 by Bob in Blowjob, Group, Hardcore, Outdoor


    They’re simply on a walk down the path by the woods when three other guys show up. That makes six and instead of playing a game, going for a swim, or anything else, they decide to have a big gay orgy. Isn’t that what you would do? The guys all look gorgeous as they get it on orgy style and the fucking and sucking is pretty great. They find a bench they can relax on to get the party started.

    Three guys sit on the bench and three guys give head. They switch it up so everyone gets a BJ and then it’s the anal, which is clearly the best part of this wild hardcore group scene. Nothing beats seeing a tight ass pounded mercilessly by a super stiff and sexy cock meat. Six cumshots are released at the end of the amazing set.

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  • Posted on 12/03/2011 by Bob in Amateur, Outdoor


    He has a shaved head and a smooth chest that has been developed in the gym so it looks cut and perfect. He has a great smile and a wonderfully muscular frame. He’s alone on the beach and in the video he’s going to do cartwheels and show us his naked body. The athletic achievement shows you just how flexible and strong he is. The body will turn you on without question.

    When his cock and ass come out it’s something entirely new and exciting to stare at. How could you possibly look away from a body that beautiful? A couple people walk down the beach and see him frolicking and they’re understandably drawn to him. His body, his face, his everything is irresistible.

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  • Posted on 11/01/2011 by Bob in Group, Hardcore, Outdoor


    The guys are out on the soccer field playing a competitive game and acting manly. They run around, kick the ball, score goals, and wear themselves out. By the time they’re finished everyone has broken out into a sweat and is looking for a way to relax. Their choice is to have amazing hardcore sex in a fantastic orgy.

    They find a spot near the field, take all their clothes off, and get busy with the blowjobs. The dicks are sucked and slobbered on everyone gets aroused. Soon enough you have six hot bodies all having intercourse. Assholes are fucked, moans of pleasure ring out and fill the air, and eventually loads are blown as they all cum. It’s such good orgy porn it will take your breath away.

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  • Posted on 10/04/2011 by Bob in Amateur, Mature, Outdoor


    If you go to the beach with a digital camera you’re bound to come home with pictures like the one above. What’s great is that the image is part of a gallery with dozens more just like it. Someone went to the beach and snapped hot shots of guys in skimpy suits. Judging by the images I’ve seen he only took shots of the really hot guys with incredible bodies and you can’t blame him.

    The dudes look breathtaking, especially those with the muscular chests. What could be hotter, right? Some of them have just emerged from the water so they glisten. The amateur breach guys clearly like to pose too. This gallery has several shots of a particular black guy that has one of the finest bodies ever and will draw and keep your attention as he smiles and poses.

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  • Posted on 09/02/2011 by Bob in Group, Hardcore, Outdoor


    The young guys are all in the pool on this beautiful sunny day and they love the water, the games they play, and having fun. When the play in the pool ends they retire to the covered area to indulge in a fantastic hardcore orgy with all six of them getting naked and having great sex.

    It’s staggering just how beautiful it looks. They start with oral and the studs standing get their hot dicks orally pleased by the cute bottom boys. When the fucking unfolds it’s like a writhing mass of bodies bumping and grinding in the most fantastic way possible. There’s so much beauty here and so many sexy young men. The camera swings from couple to couple and then goes wide so you can see them all in action. It’s a breathtaking experience and it will no doubt make your cock hard as a rock.

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  • Posted on 08/29/2011 by Bob in Group, Hardcore, Outdoor


    Three hot young guys with hard, muscular bodies are in the desert exploring their sexuality in ways they’ve never dreamed of. They’re all naked and their muscles really do ripple and look exquisite in the video. The fun starts with oral as the guys give head to get hard and show just how lusty and sexy they can be.

    There’s also a spot of fisting to be found here and when you see a hand disappear inside an asshole it’s special. When it’s outdoors under the hot sun and the guys are starting to sweat and glisten it’s perfection. They have hardcore anal sex with two of them getting fucked at once and there are three loads blown before the gay sex scene is over.

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  • Posted on 12/21/2010 by Bob in Blowjob, Outdoor


    The camera approaches a car in the corner of the parking lot and when it gets there the picture you see above is what’s going on. A young blonde cutie has his head in the lap of his lover and his mouth is working that schlong fantastically. He sucks that dick with great passion and he makes his buddy cum hard. They don’t seem to mind that someone is standing there filming them, either.

    The dude getting sucked must be close to cumming at that point. His eyes are closed, he’s moaning, and his sexy cocksucking lover is going hard with the tight suction of his wet mouth. He gobbles cock like a real champion of oral action. His intention is to get a mouthful of cum and it sure seems like that’s precisely what’s going to go down. Doesn’t that sound like fun to watch?

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  • Posted on 12/19/2010 by Bob in Masturbation, Outdoor


    With cell phone cameras being so prevalent it’s not surprising that a video of a guy jerking off in his car while it drives down the road is on a gay sex website. In fact, it’s perfectly reasonable. The picture above is from a movie someone took while cruising down the road. He looked over and saw the two guys in the yellow convertible. He thought he saw something funny and when he looked over again there was a dick out.

    A quick point of the cell phone camera made it easy to capture the masturbation. The car zooms down the road and the hottie jerks his fat cock to make it cum. His friend does some work on the dick too. Have you ever masturbated in the car? There’s something really thrilling about it. All that stroking action is fucking awesome and can’t be beat.

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