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  • Posted on 09/03/2013 by lustypuppy in Hardcore, Hunk, Mature

    Lets face it… Very little perks up a Tuesday like watching 2 hung hunks doing what they do best… FUCKING THEIR BRAINS OUT! Feast your eyes on this hot little video clip those naughty devils over at MenOver30 sent me! It features 2 of my favorite hunks, Trey Turner and Chris Daniels, and when you see the look on Chris Daniels’ face when Trey Turner slides his dick up his ass you damn near cum!

    p.s. for a limited time you can join MenOver30 for only $1.00! What a deal! đŸ˜‰

    Watch the full video online at MenOver30!

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  • Posted on 08/26/2013 by lustypuppy in Gay News, Group, Hardcore, Hunk

    Hold on to your knickers gurls! One of the hottest all male orgy updates I’ve seen is coming Thursday, August 29th from the ultra hot NextDoorBuddies… And let me tell ya, if rugged hung guys gettings ‘hands on’ with other ripped studs makes your knees go weak then this video is a must watch!

    Taken from NextDoorBuddies:
    Austin Storm, Brandon Bronco, Christian Cayden, Liam Magnuson & Corbin West are getting down and dirty for some ol’ fashioned outdoor tomfoolery. These rugged buddies know how to play hard, and they get their kicks any way they can, whether that’s riding around on the ATV, wrestling in the mud, or maybe even something involving a little more “contact”. One thing’s for sure, when it’s time to knock off and take it easy, these guys know it’s bros before ho’s.

    Watch the full video online at NextDoorBuddies!

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  • Posted on 08/18/2013 by lustypuppy in Big Cock, Hardcore, Hunk

    Dream Team members Lance Luciano and Zachary Perry take the arena for some serious one-on-one gameplay. Lance helps Zachary warm up by working his round bubble-butt with a foot-long dildo. He simultaneously twists the huge latex toy in and out of Zach's ass while milking his thick cock. Things heat up when Lance strips the jockstrap off his teammate and flips him over so he can suck his big dick. Lance whips out his giant Latino cock and slams it into Zach's hungry ass. The ass-fucking continues until both players pull on their cocks and shoot their loads.
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  • Posted on 08/15/2013 by lustypuppy in Hardcore, Hunk

    Rivulets of sweat coursing down Ryan Roses shredded torso throw every ripped muscle into high relief. You cant believe his trainer, Trenton Ducati, doesnt try to capture a few drops on his tongue. But Trenton is all taskmaster as he guides Ryans iron-pumping routine. A pat on the back at the end of the session escalates into Trenton copping a generous feel of those freshly pumped muscles. Then Ryan sticks his tongue out and Trenton sucks it. Now, Trenton begins to lap up Ryans sweat. Trentons hand pushing down on Ryans workout shorts brings his perfect butt globes into view, one tantalizing inch at a time. They exchange fevered blow jobs, with Ryan demanding that Trenton fuck his throat. Then, Ryans hole already lubed by sweat thats dripped down his crack, Trenton fucks him on his hands and knees. When they switch positions, they trade roles, and now Ryan drills the trainers hole. All you see is the whites of their eyes as they erupt in jism. The cool-down is almost as hot as the sex, as they collapse in a long muscular embrace, stroking their hard ons.
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  • Posted on 08/13/2013 by lustypuppy in Hardcore, Hunk

    Jay Kohl is one busy dude grilling hot dogs on the back porch when his buddy Tony Douglas comes out to join him. Starving for some grub, Tony checks out his hunky buddy and then the sizzling slabs of barbecued meat. Without skipping a beat, he quickly makes it clear which wiener hed prefer. He falls to his knees facing Jays crotch and crams his mouth full of cock. His lips slide easily over the tip and then down the lengthy shaft of Jays tasty meat pole, letting his tongue massage the fleshy sex muscle with hungry slurps. Both men happily push each others buttons and grow anxious for more man play, so Tony yields his ass to his partner willingly. Jay skewers Tonys tight bunghole fast and hard, slamming his erect poker all the way in with strong deliberate thrusts. They grind back and forth and continue even faster when Tony climbs aboard Jays tool and bucks up and down like a well-greased piston. Finally, ready to finish, the guys jack off until they shoot their loads.
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  • Posted on 08/11/2013 by lustypuppy in Big Cock, Hardcore, Hunk

    After a day by the pool Liam Magnuson invites Alexander Gustavo back to his room for a steamy shower. After a heated make out session Liam strips out of his swimsuit to reveal a raging hard on. Alexander goes down on the blond hunk and gives him a wet blow job then stands up so Liam can return the favor. Liam worships Alex's huge cock and balls until Alex turns around and offers him a taste of his tight hole. Liam feasts on the fresh young ass then stands up and shoves his cock deep inside. Alex pushes back and massages Liam's cock with his big round bubble-butt. Alex's wild hip action drives Liam wild; he pushes Alex on his back and thrusts his cock deep in his ass. Alex jacks his huge tool while Liam pounds him until they both explode.
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  • Posted on 08/08/2013 by lustypuppy in Hardcore, Hunk

    Doing the dishes earns Casey More a kiss and a neck massage from cute Richie Sabatini. Richie is too tempting, standing in the kitchen in boxer briefs, all smooth and hard like polished wood. The tail of a scorpion tattoo curls up from the waistband, so Casey reveals the scorpion and Richies erect dick. The dishes are forgotten as Casey swoops down to grab, then to sniff and suck Richies cock. Richie closes and eyes and swoons, a mantra of oh yeah issuing repeatedly from his lips. When its Richies turn to suck, he packs Caseys balls and cock head in his cheeks and every time he draws back, Casey orders put it back in. The countertop becomes a fucking platform when Richie urgently slams his cock into Casey. Richie holds Casey by his feet as he drills through the swirling hairs that lead the way to Caseys warm, tight hole. Casey demands to be spanked and smacked, and the sound of hands meeting moist flesh provides the soundtrack to two hot blasting cum shots.
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  • Posted on 08/06/2013 by lustypuppy in Hardcore, Hunk

    This exchange skips all formalities. Lean Ty Roderick and black-haired Adam Avery are lost in feverish kissing and groping on the dens black leather sofa. Adam clasps his lips onto Tys throat-choker. Sheesh, its as big and fat and long as you might think possible. Adam swallows all of it with mad, zealous skill, and Tys glad to return the favor, deep throating his buddys bloated cock. He licks Adams shiny ass into submission before driving his mammoth ass-stretcher in deep. The guys grapple together in a fuck frenzy. The size of Tys cock drives Adam insensible, but his tight hole keeps a strangle hold on Tys cock. Theres pulverizing pummeling on the sofa, and then Ty lies on the floor so Adam can straddle his rock hard humper. While Ty savages his hole, Adam flails at his reddened meat, and both their loads volcanically erupt.
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  • Posted on 08/04/2013 by lustypuppy in Big Cock, Hardcore, Hunk

    Rod pins Alexander against the lockers & slurps his wet hole
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  • Posted on 08/01/2013 by lustypuppy in Hardcore, Hunk

    Sexy Ryan Rose is surrounded on all sides by windows, his naked body is splayed out on a turquoise couch. The hard on curving up from between his thighs leaves no doubt that hes ready for the taking. Tyler Wolf is the man who sees him first. Tyler enters the room wrapped in a bear rug, drops it, and covers Ryans body with his own sinewy physique and hard cock. Ryans meat fits Tylers throat like hand and glove, threatening to spill its load from Tylers award-winning cocksucking skills. When Ryan flips over onto his knees and elbows, his hole beckons. Managing to be sexy, coy, and seductive all at once, Ryan succeeds in getting his ass breached by Tylers tongue and cock. Their tongues seek each other out as hands grab cocks to shoot blast after blast of white-hot jism.
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