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  • Posted on 08/26/2013 by lustypuppy in Gay News, Group, Hardcore, Hunk

    Hold on to your knickers gurls! One of the hottest all male orgy updates I’ve seen is coming Thursday, August 29th from the ultra hot NextDoorBuddies… And let me tell ya, if rugged hung guys gettings ‘hands on’ with other ripped studs makes your knees go weak then this video is a must watch!

    Taken from NextDoorBuddies:
    Austin Storm, Brandon Bronco, Christian Cayden, Liam Magnuson & Corbin West are getting down and dirty for some ol’ fashioned outdoor tomfoolery. These rugged buddies know how to play hard, and they get their kicks any way they can, whether that’s riding around on the ATV, wrestling in the mud, or maybe even something involving a little more “contact”. One thing’s for sure, when it’s time to knock off and take it easy, these guys know it’s bros before ho’s.

    Watch the full video online at NextDoorBuddies!

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  • Posted on 06/18/2012 by lustypuppy in Gay News

    If you where a fan of 90’s sitecom Blossom then you’re going to love this post we found on about the not-so-smart baseball player and ladies man, Joey, played by Joey Lawrence!

    From Gayhub: If you’re old enough to remember 90’s sitecom Blossom then we’re sure you’ll remember the not-so-smart baseball player and ladies man, Joey, played by Joey Lawrence. Fast forward to present day and the the 90s heartthrob, Joey Lawrence is taking it all off (or most of it at least) with the man-stripper crew at Chippendales in Vegas!

    I think I’m in lust! What do you guys think? Check out more pics of Joey Lawrence in the Gayhub Photos area and let me know what you think. :)

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  • Posted on 02/07/2012 by lustypuppy in Gay News, Hunk

    Found this article at Gay Hub and I thought I’d share it. It’s always nice to see celebs coming out! If you haven’t guessed this is Jaymes Vaughan. Jaymes is the lead singer and emcee for the fabulous Chippendale male revue and then he came out on the pages of magazine, QVegas stating that he is gay. Everyone closely tied to Jaymes knew he was gay, but this was his public announcement.

    Jaymes stated: “I thought for so long that you had to cover up who you were to be successful. I realized that you can be more successful by being yourself.”
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  • Posted on 01/10/2012 by lustypuppy in Gay News

    Gay Fort Lauderdale Beach

    The Advocate released its list of the five gayest cities in America.

    I’ve have to admit, the rankings make little sense to me. The #1 spot is the most confusing. The other’s make sense, but I am left with a feeling that there are gayer cities than the one’s ranked the top five.

    5. Seattle, WA
    4. Fort Lauderdale, FL
    3. Cambridge, MA
    2. Orlando, FL
    1. Salt Lake City, UT

    There is a reason why the rankings seem a little skewed. They took into consideration such things as the number of adult bookstores in the city as well as where semifinalists of of the International Mister Leather Competition call home.

    Surely they could have found some other things to rank by? The cities with the most gay focused hotels seems like it would have been good criteria. Or how about just asking 10 people… I bet most of them wouldn’t have more than two or three of those cities in their top three. I know San Francisco isn’t as gay as it used to be, but it didn’t even make the top five? Really!?

    I still can’t get over Salt Lake City as number one. Roseanne’s Nuts (her reality show) had an episode where she went back home to Salt Lake City to visit her family, including her gay brother, who was receiving an award for his gay civic work. In the interviews, she and her brother talked about how in the 80’s Salt Lake City was not the least bit accommodating to gays and how it’s come a long way since then. I had no idea it had come this far.

    Please let me know what you think about this list in the comments below…

    (Photo: Fort Lauderdale Beach)

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